Anna and Elsa Meet and Greet - need a fastpass at 9:30am?

We are heading to Disney in April for the first time and bringing out 6 year old twin girls. I got a BBB reservation for 8:40am on the first day we are at the park. In my plans we are heading to Epcot that day and have a dinner reservation at Akershus. I was thinking since we were right there that I would try to get the Anna and Elsa meet and greet done right after BBB, which should be around 9:10am (if they start on time) or (and this is a guess) 9:30 if they start late (how far behind can they be if they open at 8am??). The park is scheduled to open at 9am that day. If we finished up between 9:10 and 9:30am would we need a fastpass to see Anna and Elsa? I don’t want to use a fastpass here as we are spending the rest of the day at Epcot and want to make my FP reservations for there, especially since we won’t arrive there until 10:30ish given the BBB reservation. How long of a wait would there be for Anna and Elsa at that time? Thanks.

Great question. I’d also like to know the answer.

Plug it into a TP and see what it says for wait at that time of day - depending on CL, probably around an hour, give or take a little. Since many people head there first, it is likely to have a longish wait (after an 8 am opening) by 9:30 am (which is a more reasonable arrival time after photos, pee break, etc after BBB.)
The question is likely to be moot anyway since only a small fraction of the people who want A&D FPP are actually able to get them. If you’re heading right to Epcot, you may save more time over the course of a whole day with THREE Epcot FPP rather than ONE MK FPP the only one-at-a-time Epcot FPPs from kiosks.

Keep an eye on construction at Epcot as well. Will Anna and Elsa be in both parks when the new Frozen ride and Meet and Greet open? At some point in the spring the new A &E meet in EP will open.

I think the line would already be long by 9:30. Do you have other days in MK to do A&E with FP? You could save them for a different day and instead meet Cinderella & Rapunzel that 1st morning. same location, much less crowded. or alternatively, meet Little Mermaid & ride Under the Sea.

BBB is one of those magical experiences that you don’t want to rush through. Allocate at least 45 minutes for the appointments. After the girls are transformed into princesses, go over to Castle Couture and let them have their photo shoot. These are great pictures you won’t want to skip.

Then, I strongly recommend that you stick around MK for the rest of the morning at a minimum. You’re never going to see your girls more perfectly done up than this day. Take full advantage of it. Get all the character meet & greets that you can. These photo ops will be so special. Get pictures taken in front of the castle & the carousel.

You could do 3 FP+ for meet & greets and then scoot over to Epcot and reload FPs there for late afternoon & evening.
The only tricky thing is that you won’t know ahead of time which princesses will be at Akershus. Those would be the ones to skip at MK. It’s too early to know the status of the A&E meet & greet at Epcot. So, to answer your question, yes, grab a FP for them.

I’d do A&E, Rapunzel & Tinkerbell FPs. For sure none of them will be at Akershus.


Thanks everyone. I will plug into TP and see what comes up. If we get three meet and greets at MK and then head to Epcot how hard will it be to get FPs for rides in park?

Illuminations will be gone. Test Track & Mission Space will be iffy. But I’d think that Nemo, Living with the Land, “Figment” will be available. Soarin’ will still be closed.

I agree! Since you can only get FPs for one park at a time, I’d go ahead and get 3 FPs for meet & greets at MK, then see what you can get at Epcot once you get there. A&E are very hard to get, but the others should be available.

We have a before RP reservation at CRT so if I can’t get an early FP then I’m sure we will be ok to get there right at 9am on that morning. My kids are big on rides and not great with lines (what kids are to be fair) so I think I’ll save the FPs for Epcot given that it’s the one day we are there whereas we are spending 2.5 days at MK.

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Have a related question- the touringplan shows a 66 minute way for Anna & Elsa on an 8am Friday Rope Drop ( but a 33 minute wait time if we get there almost an hour later at 9:17am ( What’s up with that? Does the algorithm think Anna & Elsa don’t start until 9am, regardless of EMH?

We were there a couple of weeks ago and hers our experience: we had a bog reservation for 8am on a 9 am open day. It was a Thursday,crowdd level 4. We finished before park open to get in line for Anna and elsa. There was a line started by 830. We were the 2nd family in line. By the time the park opened, the line was probably 10 families long. They did not let guests coming in at park open go directly to Anna and elsa, the had them go around the carousel instead. They let us in a few minutes after park open and when we came out, the wait time was already 50 min. This was around 9:10. People were clearly running to get to this attraction, which surprised me as I thought maybe the “newness” of it would have worn out a bit. By 9:30, I’m guessing you’ll have at least an hour wait, but who knows. Good luck :slight_smile: