Anna and Elsa FP. Is it really worth it?

Hi Everyone. I am considering attempting to get a FP for Anna and Elsa for my 4 year old daughter. She is into princesses and definitely loves A&E. I’m just wondering if the experience is worth all of the hype. Do you simply wait in a line up and get a photo with them?. I’ve seen lots of cool character interactions, but they are normally with adults or older kids. Not sure that my shy little 4 year old is going to ham it up with the characters. What has anyone’s experience been??

Although interactions can vary, I have always been impressed with the Anna and Elsa interaction( especially Anna). Have your daughter bring something personal for them to sign (an item or an autograph book with a pre planned page planned for them (a drawing , their names, something about them).

We only met them once and it was at DLR. My kids - 7 &10 - became very shy and star-struck with them. That said, they both were very glad we met them, so I was glad that we did it.

We took my then 4 year old and 10 year old daughters to meet Anna and Elsa last year with FP+. It was definitely worth the craziness to get the FP+ (I was prepared for this FP immediately when our booking window opened up and grabbed it for our last MK day). Elsa and, especially, Anna were very good at interacting with both of our girls, even our star struck 4 year old. Our 4 year old keeps her meet and greet pictures in her room and still talks about how great it was to meet them.