Anna and Elsa during Wishes

No luck getting a FPP for A&E. I recall someone posting that they had luck with a short standby line during Wishes. Anyone have any experience with this?

Sorry you're hearing crickets here! I don't have any experience, but maybe someone else does. Hopefully a non-helpful comment from me will prompt some more-helpful comments from others. Keep checking for the A&E FastPasses though! Especially 1-2 days before. People change plans at the last minute.

Thanks! I did expect more replies. Miss the old chat a bit :).


I don't have any direct experience either, but I have read recently (within the last month) that people have had success getting FPP the day before and even the day of (but before the park opens). Keep trying. I also recall reading someone say the lines were shorter later in the evening.

Good luck

I think it's perfectly acceptable to ask on Chat too, especially for trip-planning questions. It's more the "if you were a Disney villain who would you be?" sort of conversation starters and off-topic shenanigans that really need to move over here. I'm finding that some topics get lots of discussion here - the recent discussion of MB batteries for example - and others fall through the cracks. It's getting better though.

@Attyaz9...I heard the area surrounding PFH is closed off during Wishes due to fireworks debris, but if you get close, hop into line immediately after, once the CMs allow it. I heard a few folks reporting 20-45 min waits. wink

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When is your trip? EasyWDW is reporting short waits during MNSSHP. I could only get one FP, then three at different times, then about 43 days out I got FP times within 10 minutes of each other. I can live with that. Keep trying, more times should open up.

Thx guys!!