Anna and Elsa at 8 am

Morning everyone. I am finally trying to get over here as opposed to the app forum. Does anyone have experience with the crowds trying to meet the Frozen ladies on a day where the park opens at 8:00? A personalized plan says go do Pirates and Aladdin first and then go see the girls, and estimating a 27 minutes wait. Thoughts?

I would go do A&E first personally. (If it is a must do for you.)

I agree… if you haven’t gotten a FP for them the faster you get there the shorter your wait will be.

My understanding is the line builds throughout the day, If you can’t get there first thing, try to go during a parade or evening show time. You’ll still have a wait, but hopefully less.

IMO, if you can’t get right in, right away first-thing, then the parade/show time approach is probably best. The reason is that at 8am, there are so many other things you can knock off with little-to-no wait that any other time of the day require FPP or a long wait. What happens is a cumulative effect on the entire TP throughout the day. If one can knock off multiple long-line attractions from 8-9am, then move on to slightly less busy attractions 9-11am, one can essentially remain a step ahead of the crowds. But if one has a long wait at 8am for A&E, when one gets out of A&E, one is now faced with catching up with the crowds for the rest of the day, rather than remaining a “step ahead”. Again, it’s a cumulative effect that adds to every wait.

Okay, so a 15 minute wait vs a o-5 minute wait might not seem like much… but add those 10 minutes times 10-15 attractions & you’ve wasted an hour or two in line that could have been spent enjoying stuff. So trade a 20 minute wait for A&E for a 45-minute wait later, but save on all other waits.

I could very well be wrong. Play with the TP optimizer/evaluator to see if this is true for overall wait time for your TP. My experience with this says that if one is willing to take that one long wait at the best possible time, one can achieve a near-zero wait everywhere else by staying a step-ahead, even during crowded days.

Go well.

I agree w @ejj it’s hard to fathom not rushing straight to A&E without Fpp! But the 20-30mins which is most likely at 0800… Even dashing right there causes a delay In Knocking out other attractions! We have many times done PP, pooh, speedway, Astro orbitor, UTS, grotto & PFH in the first hour. So sacrificing all this for 1/2 the wait at A&E is hard to do. We’ve often done ETWB 1st if not staying all day , this also eats like 30mins

Thanks everyone!