Anna and Elsa at 30 days?


What are the odds that I will be able to get and A&E FPP with my mnsshp at 30 days?


I did it less than that. I was relentless, but I did it with less than a week to go. I booked each person 1 by 1. One day I got one, the next another, then the night before I got the last one. Never did get a 4th, but I had my best friend her son, my daughter and myself. I approached the fastpass with just our party and politely begged for the second adult to come in. Mine Train I did with the same process, but had to be very punctual, as our overlap time was in the grace period. I also didn't beg for that one, the ride I felt is over rated.

So one by one! Sometimes try copying, change your other passes around to free up time spots. Whatever you do don't delete passes and leave yourself with less than 3 options, no one seems to be able to help you put just 1 or 2 passes back.

Edit: I did this for Sept 1 - a 1 day at the park with the Halloween Party


I'm staying offsite so I'll be doing the heigh-ho hop for 5 people at midnight. I hope you get your A&E @felesh! We can do this!