Animal Kingdom without Genie+

Hi everyone,

Following on the price increases for Genie+, what do you think of this plan to do AK without Genie+? I am travelling with DH, DS3 and DSinfant. DS3 is already 41inches, so he can actually ride several rides.

We are skipping FOP; husband usually does not fit in it and it kind of makes me sick. EE is also skipped; my son might be tall enough, but it’s too scary for a 3year old. Dinosaur is the wild card; my son is not a huge fan of darkness. KRR is also not certain, as we will be in February and it might be too cold for riding it.

We would have NRJ and KS to use Genie+ for as big rides. Do the shows require Genie+ or can we usually do Standby for those? I feel my son would enjoy playing at the Dinosaur playground, take the train, do KJ, watch the animals and meet characters and just play around. If my husband or I really feel like doing EE, I guess we could just ride it single rider?

AK is also scheduled on our 3rd day (after Epcot and MK) so I am guessing we might want to take it slow. Thank you for any insights!

Just a vote, FWIW–I think you will be fine without it for what you are trying to do.


I think with the things you want to do that you don’t need G+. You could RD NRJ and KS.
The shows don’t require G+. The theaters are big so standby shouldn’t be an issue.


I’ve been playing around with touring plans for AK without Genie+ and it seems fine as long as you go either early or late in the day (plus I’d buy FOP, but you won’t need that). You could arrive at opening (not even needing to get there early) and do NRJ and then KS. Then do whatever you want. If you wanted to go late in the day, do NRJ right before close.


You will be fine. Especially if you are willing to RD.

Go to Navi first, ride that, then head to KS. KS is not open for for early park entry (don’t know if you have that available) and often opens 15 - 30 minutes after park opens.

So, if you take Navi and KS as #s 1 and 2, and you don’t care about FoP or EE, then you should have a low wait for Dinosaur if you want to try it. Shows generally don’t need LL unless it is SUPER crowded.

Take the train to Rafiki’s planet watch and pet animals!!!


We have early entry (staying at a AK DVC on rented points) and my babies are early risers, so we should be RDing.

We have never done Rafiki’s Planet but I am sure my son will love it, so I think we will focus on that. Maybe try badges from Wilderness Explorers and we will probably end up playing for a long time at the dinosaur playground.

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I think you will be fine.

Leaving off FoP, EE and KRR opens up so much of your day.

FotLK is probably the most crowded show, so I would also hit that early in the day. If you are there for RD, you may be able to do NRJ, KS, and hit the first FotLK show of the day… after that, enjoy all the moments… the Gorilla Falls trails, the musicians in Harambe, etc. Should be easy peasy…


Thank you! I think that will be plenty. And husband is on board.

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Awesome, thank you! I am RDer and my babies are early riser, so I think making it early to AK (especially while staying at AKL) should be easy!

Awesome, thank you! My son loves animals and music so I think making it a slow day where we stroll in the park while be a good break from this crazy trip!