Animal Kingdom - which FP to Tap & Drop?

When we go this coming March, we have two days at Animal Kingdom. I’d like to get FOP FP for both days. When I look at the Na’vi wait times, though, I die a little inside.

Because we have two days, I’m not worried about getting all of the other rides done that I’d like. So, I was thinking that we could pick up a 9:00 FP for something good (probably KS), and a 10:30/11:00 for FOP. Then, I’d pick up a tier 2 that I could modify after we rode the first ride at 9. I’d want to pick something I could easily modify to an early time - like 9:30 to 10:30. Then, I’d want something that’s fairly easy to get to, to tap and run. Once we’ve gotten through those 3, I’d try for a Navi FP at the drop times.

Any suggestions what that third FP should be?
What if I don’t modify earlier… I want KS at 9. Something at 10. FoP at 11. What’s that something?

Why “run”? If you have the FP, why not just tap in and ride? Even if you manage to secure a tier 1 FPP for Na’vi, it is unlikely going to be immediately without enough time to actual ride something.

So pick a tier 2 you actually want to do, even if you can move it up.


Also, you could RD Navi. Waits are low at opening and you don’t have to get there too early like with FoP.

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Bugs Life or Dinosaur, but I would use the FP, no sense in wasting it.


I guess I was thinking I’d want to modify it forward so that I have a chance at the 11:01 drop. Maybe just better to ride something else, though. Or go see FotLK again.

I was building touring plans and it said the wait, during EMH, for Navi, was 40 minutes. Ouch. Maybe it’s not really that bad, though?

You can still modify it forward. But no need to “tap and run”. Just “tap and ride” instead. :slight_smile:

If you are ahead of the RD game, it’s lower. But if you have to get to AK 30 minutes earlier to save about 20 minutes in line, it’s pointless. 40’s really not that bad.

Someone will definitely correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think you can modify that 3rd tier 2 fastpass for a time that overlaps your FOP FP. You will have to wait until you tap into FOP, then try to mod down.

I think that was the plan…ride the 9:00 ride, and have an 10:30 FOP FP. Then, after you tap into the 9:00 ride, modify the third FP to a 9:20/9:30 timeslot so that it doesn’t interfere with the FOP FP. That way, three FPs are done by 10:30/11:00.

Overall it seems like a reasonable plan IF you manage a FOP for around that time frame. If the FOP FP is later than 11:00, though, you can just book a 10:00 from the start.


Ahhhh, I see now, lol, thats an ambitious plan, it assumes ull get a FP that early. I still go with Bugs Life then, kinda on the way back to tap.

@ryan1 - you’re exactly right. That would be the plan. Like you say, IF I can get a 10:30ish FP.

Based on suggestions you’ve all had, I tried to set up a plan to RD Navi, then do FoP at 9, with a FP. (8 am opening).
It says it’s a 35 minute wait for Navi, IF we get there at 8:13. Assuming we can get there earlier than that, I’m sure it’ll be shorter.
Then, with a FP, it says to expect a 45 minute wait at FoP. That seems excessively long. Are my expectations way off, here?

Yeah… I’m supposed to be working… this is way more interesting to play with, though.

Its probably right, every one at AK will be RDing one of those rides, almost everyone anyway. I dont think u can really formulate a plan till u get the FP for FOP secured.

:joy: most definately! Same here.

Agreed… but I want a rough outline so that I can decide if we’re going to be able to fit in an ADR that day. I suppose, what I should do is just make a reservation, assuming it’ll all work.

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And if you’re there all day, you don’t necessarily need the 11.01 drop - there are 3 more. I’d just skip Navi personally and go for another FOP.

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You could make a couple ADR’s based on different plans and then drop the unneeded ones once you know when you will get you FOP FP

Just to add my experience - we’ve rope dropped Navi twice during EMH and it was a walk-on both times. I don’t think you’ll have a 40 minute wait.

We also didn’t arrive super early - maybe 15 mins before the park opened.


If you really want to do Na’vi, do it as a rope drop on one of the two days. Not sure it is worth a fast pass. I skipped Na’vi river on my last trip and I don’t feel like I really missed out on too much, but feel free to tell me that I’m wrong.

Also, if you are going on two days, you might consider checking out Pandora in the evening one day.


What number days (ie, 60+2) are your AK days? If one is relatively early in your trip, getting any FoP FP is not a guarantee, never mind a morning one.

My AK days are 60+3 and 60+4. We’ll be there in the morning on 60+3, and right now (before the 6 month mark), that one is planned as EMH.
Aftere all the feedback, I think I’ll try to RD Na’vi and get a FP for FOP right away in the morning of 60+3.

Then I’ll try to get a FP for FOP in the evening of 60+4, and if we’re lucky we can always do Na’vi at the end of that day, too.

I’m just so nervous about the spring break crowds!

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With your AK days not being past +5 and it being spring break, I’d actually plan to RD FOP and get the prebooked FPP for NR. You have a much better chance of getting a earlier NRJ FPP. Then you can do your first three in the morning and be ready for drop times to get a second ride on FOP.

Of course if the earlier FOP is available, take it, but the above to me seems like a more reliable scenario,