Animal kingdom walking trails

Is one of the trails better than the other if you have to do one closer too evening? I can do both trails but, not on the first day. Splitting the walking trails up between two days. Second day we can hit the other closer to morning/afternoon.

Can’t help much with the timing but on Maharaja I remember mostly the tigers and bats and on Gorilla Falls I remember gorillas and lots if cool lookimg birds. We enjoyed both trails but the tigers were our favorite to watch.

I just like the theme of Marharaja trail. I think it is beautiful.

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Maharajah trail is one of my favorite places in WDW; the theming is beautiful, and - tigers - what more is there to say?

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How long would you set aside for MAharaja?

15-25 min.

We usually take around 40 minutes for each trail.

Gorilla Falls has the conservation station part way along, it’s really a mini museum.

But most of the time is spent animal watching. One of the trails, I think Gorilla Falls also has the underwater observation of the hippo pool.

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I would say that “on the average” I spend about 30 min on each trail. Like so much of AK, it depends on what the animals are doing and how much time you want to spend watching them. Without stopping, you can “walk the trails” in 10-15 min (depending on congestion), but that being said, I’ve spend 25 min just watching the tigers or gorillas when they were especially active.

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