Animal Kingdom upgrade from moderate?

I have the oppostunity to upgrade from French Quarter (moderate) to Animal Kingdom Lodge (deluxe). River view at FQ to a Jambo standard view at AKL. It’s only $100 difference and seems like a no brainer even though Id be getting the least fancy room at AKL. Do you agree its a no brainer? Is the fact that AKL is further away from things annoying? (Longer bus ride with 2 small kids) Will there be construction at AKL in May-June 2019? I read there may be room refurbs so not sure if that plays a part in the decision too!

I have 2 small kids (7 and 4)

Oh my! This is amazing! First- all rooms at Jambo (not DVC rooms) are the same. It is the view that is different. We can help you request a room with a good view, but even if you get a tree view, there are so many areas to see the animals. Here is an example of a standard room I was lucky enough to book using the Touring Plans fax:

The quickest bus route is to AK. That is under 10 minutes. The longest I have ever timed it has been 26 minutes to MK. That being said- I have timed bus rides from the Poly over 28 minutes.

Since AKL does not share buses (rare with deluxe) you will find the bus service about the same as any deluxe resort.


Absolutely hands down no question at all. DO IT! @PrincipalTinker can tell you what rooms to request that are standard with partial savanna view, and I have some that are standard without that view that are great too. Plenty of spaces to view the animals and besides there is so much more to it than that! AKL is such a respite from everything else. Walk through that front door and relaxation hits you!

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That’s exactly what I did for our coming trip!!! I couldn’t believe that even with a MVT deal that AKL was only $80 more a night! Of course then I added another night, my parents, and HEA dessert party so final tally was more but our flights are free, we can all stay together and dropped memory maker. I took a screen shot of @PrincipalTinker room suggestions and copied shamelessly copied them onto our fax request :crossed_fingers:t2: From what everyone has said transportation is fine and honestly I can’t wait!!! I just assumed i’d Always be priced out but sometimes the stars align…esp if you stalk every website to avoid the real world!!!


$100 difference for the whole trip? Definitely a no brainer!

Yay! Thanks guys!! So, once I make the switch, how do I make the room request and who can tell me what to say?

Here are the directions:

You will start by setting up a tripon your dashboard (website- link in top of forum).

Look at rooms 4216-4238 and 3216-3238. The 3rd floor is the lobby floor.

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Thank you! Can anyone comment on this :

Jambo House- room refurbishment- Mid 8/2018- Fall 2019.

Has anyone been there in the past couple months and noticed the Refurbishment? Is it a dramatic construction site or is it not noticeable? I’m wondering if it will affect my stay in late May.

It is a soft goods refurbishment and the pool was re-tiled. There is no disruption.

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I’ll echo what everyone else said. We loved AKL! Just there a little over a week ago. Totally recommend it. We had a pool room view, and even it was beautiful out on the balcony. Didn’t notice any disruption with the refurbishment.


Ah, perfect! Now I am learning there are different rooms and am confused as to what to do- I can get a standard view room OR a deluxe villa (jambo) for $200 more. Is the Jambo Villa worrh the extra price? Whats the difference, just the kitchenette?

The villa has one queen bed and a pull-out couch.

Wondering why its more expensive and if its worth it :thinking:

I think you get a more complete kitchenette vs a simple refrigerator and coffee maker

@PrincipalTinker - when I go into Touring Plans room finder, which room type so I choose? My plans say “Deluxe studio standard view”
But thats not an option on room finder.

You booked the studio? At Jambo? You will search for standard view/studio.

AKL kitchenette area in a studio.


TP blog post!

On our room requests for AKL, when I book a standard view, I usually say that I understand that I booked a standard view room, but I would love even a glimpse of the animals if at all possible. And while I’ve had some that are quite a hike from the lobby, I’ve always gotten at least a partial savannah view!