Animal Kingdom Transportation Question

As my ADR window is fast approaching (our trip is late August), I’m struggling with my planning around our day at Animal Kingdom. We are traveling with our 5yo son and are planning midday breaks, but we are also staying at Wilderness Lodge which I’ve heard is not the most efficient at getting people to and from AK.

So here is what I’m wondering:

  1. Has anyone stayed at WL and can give me an idea of travel time to and from AK?
  2. We’d like to hit up Tusker House, but can’t come up with a good time to do it. Before the park opens is the cost effective and would be nice to get inside early, but we loved Boma’s dinner 10 years ago when we went and have heard Tusker is similar so I kinda want to do lunch or dinner, but also didn’t want to lose time in the park, especially if our travel is unreliable.
  3. Is there anywhere to get a reasonable “rest” closer to the park? AKL maybe? I’d say we could use the lunch and then find somewhere to relax at the park, but I don’t remember a AK as having much, if any, air conditioned hang outs.

Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated.

I’ve not been yet so can’t really help on your questions but we’ve booked TH for 10.50am so it is charged at breakfast rate but have been advised that we’ll be able to pick up the end of breakfast food but the lunch starts coming out at 11ish - I’m hoping this will be cost effective as the fussy small boys can eat sausages and Mickey waffles while I get to enjoy peri peri salmon, curries and all those amazing looking salads - all while meeting Donald and the gang. Can’t wait!


I can’t answer item 1, as I haven’t stayed at WL. However, I have been to both Boma and Tusker House. I loved both; probably loved Tusker House more. TH has the advantage of being inside the park, so no travel to speak of. The food is delicious, and meeting the characters is a fun bonus. @Brizzolboysmum’s idea is a good one.

Going over to AKL for a break is a wonderful idea. The lobby is very spacious and fun things are happening all day.

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So I also haven’t been yet, but we’ve booked Tusker House for 10:30 - from what I understand you’ll get the breakfast stuff, and then they’ll roll over into the lunch options and we’ll also be able to try those. We’re staying at Beach Club and also planning midday breaks, except for AK - I figure that there’s enough walking trails, etc that they can just rest/nap in the stroller, and then we’ll head back around 5.

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When are you going?

I stayed at WL and took Lyft/Uber there every time for about 12-15 to save on wait time. I took the bus home when I wasn’t in a rush . Bus was direct to WL and might have stopped at CR after.

I ate At Tusker for late lunch 3pm and really enjoyed it. One of our better meals. You have to schedule your meal time what you think works best for you and your plan

I also found the late lunch time to be relaxing without stress of traveling somewhere else

I love the times discussed, but I feel like any time not before park opening would kill to much time when we could be out of the park resting. Without that break I don’t see my DS5 making it to dark, and I know he’d love Pandora at night.

We do have the next day “off” from the parks so maybe we can pull off sleeping in a bit and coming in at Noon, then taking a break for a late lunch at Tusker. Anyone done this? Can I still pull of seeing most things? This is assuming I can get a FP for FoP.