Animal Kingdom TP for September 18

My family is visiting Disney World Sept 12-17. We are planning on spending Saturday September 15th at AK. It is an EMH day. We have late afternoon FPP for Navi and FOP (We are splitting up with and using child swap, so we got both fastpasses), but we were thinking of rope dropping Navi as well so the rest of my family without the Navi fastpass can experience it too. We have FPP for 10:05 for KS, Kali at 11:15, Lunch at Tusker house 12:55. I am trying to work on a touring plan that will help minimize walking but it seems we are all over the place. I know we should hit the big attractions that we don’t have FP for during the early morning, but that is alot of walking back and forth. My kids are 3, 9, 14 and 15 so it’s challenging with such wide age ranges. Any suggestions? I thought about changing our kali FP for later in the afternoon and doing the other half of the park then. Any suggestions?

Another question… being mid-September, will it be dark enough by 8:30 when AK closes to enjoy Pandora after dark?

I think you chose the perfect time to go! Minimal crowds, wonderful weather… just watch out for those occasional deluges. Poncho up and power on!
Animal Kingdom is much smaller than other parks so even if you’re all over the place it won’t be as much walking as with other parks. I think kiddos can handle it unless it’s the tail end of the trip and they’re already dragging their feet. I love AK and I hope you will too!
Kali at 11:15 is perfect because it’ll cool you off at the right time of the day but I have to warn you: you CAN/WILL get absolutely underwear soaked type wet. Drenched. So it may be smart to pack a change of clothes so you don’t do Tusker with a wet butt syndrome.
And yes, 8:30 you’ll get a full Pandora dark experience. Enjoy! It’s so cool!!
I think your RD Na’vi is a perfect plan, most people head to FoP so you’ll be able to ride twice in a row without wait. Just be warned… you will probably really like FoP and so will your older ones. You will probably want to repeat that one, so maybe RD that one?
Have a great time either way!