Animal Kingdom Touring Plans

This is our first WDW trip and first experience with Touring Plans so idk if its my error or what but every time I go to make my Animal Kingdom plans, it keeps giving me a 203 minute wait for Flight of Passage and I have it listed as the first ride. This in turn is causing all other wait times to not fall in place correctly. I had my plans perfectly set and one day I logged in and the plans changed and I haven’t been able to get these plans right since :frowning: HELP! lol

I think the consensus is that if you want to RD FoP then you need to be at the gate 90 minutes prior to opening and go there first thing. You will still wait, maybe up to an hour. So take FoP completely out of your TP and start your TP about an hour after opening and make a note that you plan to RD FoP but be there quite early. I think that would work.

It’s quite possibly accurate! What time are you arriving?

Can you publish the plan to make it visible to all of us? (In the top gray box - from a computer, not your phone - click “edit” then in the lower left corner of that gray box, click “publish this plan” Refresh the page and in the gray box you will have a link - post that here and we can see your plan)

If you’re arriving at 9 (or whenever the park opens) that is probably accurate. If you arrive an hour earlier, you’ll probably wait an hour. If you’ll be there 90 mins earlier, you’ll likely be off it between 9.15 and 9.30. If you’re going to be there early, leave it off the plan and change the start time to 9.30 or 10, maybe 10.15, depending how early.

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Thanks guys! We do plan to be there at least 90 minutes early so we fixed our touring plan to not start until 10am and left FOP off, knowing we will head there first. We are at the mercy of the buses and staying at POR. What time should we be at the bus stop to catch that first bus to the AK? I was thinking 730a but is there one sooner?

There should be one about 6.30-45.

If you’re planning to be there 90 minutes early, you’d want to be there by 0730 for an 0900 (which is the latest opening time). I’d catch the first bus which would be around 0630. Or, if RD is earlier (0700 or 0800) I would Uber/Lyft. It’s a very affordable ride and much more dependable WRT timing.

Sweet! Thanks! I’m so excited! We leave in 8 days! Thanks a lot guys for your help!

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Where are you staying? We are at Poly from 4/21-28 :slight_smile: First stay there, so excited!!!

We will be at AK on 4/23 and 4/28

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We are at Port Orleans Riverside from 4/22 to 4/28 :smiley: We leave on the 21st by train! We all have never been on a train before and my family has never been to Disney. I went 20+ years ago so its almost as if I have never went with all the new changes LOL Animal Kingdom was not even built when I went last!


How exciting! I hope you all have the best time! Maybe our paths will cross! Will you be at AK on either of my days? How about other parks?

4/22 - MK
4/23 - AK
4/24 - EP
4/25 - resort day — ahhhhhhhh…
4/26 - EP
4/27 - MK
4/28 - AK

I don’t think so :confused:
4/22 arrival/resort day
4/23 EPCOT
4/24 MK
4/25 Resort Day
4/26 HS
2/27 AK
2/28 Headed home

Well, we both are having resort days on 4/25 :wink: Different resorts, but if we sit by our respective pools it will be as if we are together LOL

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We did a FP for FOP but we all agreed that it is worth waiting 90 minutes, and even 2 hours to go. Plus, you get to see all the cool stuff in the queue that we missed. Worth it. Just get there at or before rope drop because the wait gets up to 3-4 hours fast. Enjoy!

You might try putting a break in Pandora on your touring plan at 9:30, so the touring plan will also know your location at the start time of the plan.


Thank you! Thats a great idea!

We’ll be at Epcot same day! Otherwise, different places all week.