Animal Kingdom touring plans with Pandora rides

Hi - I was trying to figure out my Dining plans for this December , so I was making a practice touring plan for AK. I can’t help but notice the time allocated to Pandora & its rides is fairly minimal…as in under 1 hour to tour & ride both rides… Is that even feasible to think that the current 2-3 hours waits for each ride will drop to that low by December?

If I were you, I’d hang back a bit on believing the times for Pandora. TPs work because of data, but with the rides being so new, there just isn’t much to use for predictions. Not at all TPs fault, just the reality of new rides.

That being said, it does seem that, even now, people are able to complete both rides in about an hour at RD if they have a Fastpass for one of them. That’s what I’ve been seeing on chat - will best testing it myself a week from today

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This (and the fact that they haven’t released any RoL dining packages yet) is exactly why I made my AK ADRs blind (general pre-RD TH breakfast and 6:00 Y&Y dinner… one of which is to be replaced by a dining package), just so I have somewhere to eat if all else fails. I’m making myself wait to do any sort of TP just because I know the times are going to be up and down for the near future.

If it’s helpful, we arrived AK yesterday around park open but not obsessively at rope drop early people in line. Bc it was a 7am EMH., our bus pulled in 6:55ish and we were through security 7:05am. Walked to Pandora, Walked on Navi River, done by about 7:45am. Mid-afternoon / night the Flight one, with FP, no way to fit into an hour with River unless maybe first thing in morning, obsessive about rope drop. River first thing, allot 35-55 min. Flight with FP, 20-35 min. River was great for my DD6. She freaked out at Flight, pre-show too intense. I had to get off ride w/her, wait for DS8, who loved it. Mama got a special FP good for that ride later in day, and kids went to Lilo’s babysitting. It was pretty great. (No spoilers.) Take your meds if prone to motion sickness on Flight. Think Star Tours. River was fun and mellow, more like a Peter Pan or something fine for small kids.

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Crowd level 7

This is really helpful. My daughter is also 6 and I’m thinking she might have the same reaction. I think we will try for navi river first thing, too. Why did it take so long? What was standby when you got there?

It took so long bc there were just so many people bc Disney. 99% of park went there at park open. (At 715 in the morning!) 7am emh only standby, no FPs yet. So the line, while long, really moved. And a ton to look at in line, cool Pandora stuff. Yes, DD6 almost made it w/ Flight of Passage, but all the preshow really builds it up, which if you are 6 is too scary. She started to say no as we got on bike things and when back support came up she lost it, started hollering, and I had to grab an attendant. So know your kid, ymmv.

This sounds exactly like what would happen with us. Ugh, it looks so cool!

I am trying to make a custom plan for AK on July 16th. I want to do both Pandora attractions, but couldn’t get a fastpass for them.

When I ask touringplans to optimize my attractions, it puts at opening (9 AM):
-Navi River Journey (9:13 am)- 16 minute wait!
-Flight of Passage (9:35 am)- 36 minute wait!!!

That seems totally impossible!

I look at the real-time data from WDW website, and times are clearly way over those estimates. What’s wrong here?

Honestly I don’t know but I can tell you that when I first made my TP for AK I thought the waits for the Pandora rides couldn’t be accurate. But I just built in extra cushions around them. As our date has gotten closer and TP has more data to work with, I have gone in and evaluated my plans again and they have lengthened the wait time. I still have a small cushion built in but not nearly as much as I started with. Also, if you are checking real time data at 9:13 and 9:35 now it will not give you a good sense of what you will experience because park is opening at 8 at the latest right now. So by 9:13 you are looking at times more than an hour after opening and the line has built up more than it will have only 13 minutes and 35 mins after opening. I would think checking lines at 8:13 and 8:35 now will give you a better sense of what it would like on the times you have listed for a 9:00 open. We are going on the 4th and right now my TP is showing an 18 min wait for Navi at 8:10. Based on reports I have seen people post and watching lines in real time myself I think that is a decent prediction. I still have a small cushion for myself in case. But fairly recently my TP was showing only a 5 min. wait. They are adjusting as they learn. Keep going in and evaluating your plan.