Animal Kingdom Touring Plan


Can I get opinions on this touring plan for Animal Kingdom please :slight_smile:

Is 9am in the morning ok to be doing the Kali River Rapids? I am aware that I will need to bring spare clothes possibly, as this ride can leave you drenched. Is it warm enough in early October at this time at 9am in the morning to be riding this ride? I have definitely found AK to be the hardest TP to make so far… unsure why… but it has taken me a long time to put this one together :slight_smile:

Also, I am unsure where to use my 3rd FP option…

What ages are in your group?

2 adults and 2 teens 15 & 17

oops, just realised that Divine is overtime… she will be finished before I get there probably. Will adjust times after my Flame Tree visit as I have spare time which will enable me to get to see Divine if I adjust plan times.

A few thoughts:

  1. I’d go KS to Everest and THEN to KRR in am. You won’t need FPP for KRR that early in the morning.
  2. Read reviews about Rafiki’s planet watch. Some families love it. My inquisitive, nerdy, animal-loving kids were bored and hated it. There are petting zoos everywhere and the vet surgery that you can watch is positioned (necessarily) such that young kids can’t really see or appreciate much of what’s going on. Vet surgery only happens late morning, and doesn’t happen every day. (We watched a bat get stitches out. Well, I watched and my kids complained that it was boring. I’m a surgeon myself, so I tried not to feel defensive about this… :wink: )
  3. You’ve skipped Dinoland USA entirely… but the grown-ups in our family love DINOSAUR! And Primeval Whirl is pretty fun, too.
  4. Suggest FPP for EE, Dinosaur, and maybe do KRR later in the day when it’s hot out and you’ll really appreciate it.
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Without looking super closely, just viewing your map, I’m exhausted already. You are criss-crossing a LOT. And the way AK is laid out, it’s not easy to do.

I would probably re-adjust your walk/wait balance all the way over to less walking. Then repost.

I think this is why I am finding this park TP so difficult. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do, I end up with criss-crossing a lot. I have now changed the plan to minimise walking, and it gave me more walking that my original plan… ! I also have no idea what to do with FP bookings as my wait times are really short anyway…

Yes, criss-crossing is inevitable at AK. There is no way around it. Fortunately, walking is good for you. I generally prefer to try to either trend for a clockwise or counter-clockwise loop, for the psychology of it more than anything given the amount of looping back.
As a result, I think in your case I might consider:

  1. Dinosaur (I know it’s not in your plan… but it’s really awesome)
  2. Primeval Whirl (just because it’s fun and takes 5 minutes)
  3. EE x 1-2
  4. KRR if hot out (otherwise wait til later)
  6. KS (FPP 9:15-10:15 am)
    6 & 7) (if you must) Rafiki’s planet watch OR FOLK first THEN PlanetWatch (depending how you are for time)
  7. Flame Tree (+/- pop down for Divine depending on your timing)
    9 &10) KRR (FPP) and FoW (depending on where you are in the TP for time) - FoW is outdoors so even if you’re wet you won’t end up air conditioned and freezing
  8. EE FPP if you want to go back and run it again

Note: I wouldn’t put ITTBAB first BECAUSE it’s a show, so if you arrive just as they’ve closed the doors, you end up having to wait 10-15 minutes until the next show is ready to start, thereby losing critical EMH touring time.

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