Animal Kingdom Touring Plan with young kids

I’m struggling with our touring plan for Animal Kingdom. We’re traveling with DD3 & DD1, so targeting things they are interested in. We’re going on an EMH day and our morning is EMPTY! Rafiki PW doesn’t open until 10am, Boneyard doesn’t open until 9am, FOTLK doesn’t start until 10am, Nemo/FOW doesn’t start until 11am. We are only planning to be in the park until 2 to allow for a rest & these late start attractions are making that tough.

We have a FPP for EE already. Plan to do FOP another day when we have FPP for it.

Anyone with young kids have advice on how you used your mornings at AK? Is the safari worth doing twice?

Are you doing Navi River Journey? You could do that, look around Pandora, Safari, and look at the tree of life and some of the trails before other things start opening. That’s all in one kind of area as well.

Have you tried making a touring plan and putting in the things you want to do? Start with that, see what the optimiser suggests and then change it to suit you.

The Boneyard will be a great hit! You could use that whilst you take it in turns to ride EE.

The things our DD enjoys at AK (she’s 3.5 now, was 3 last trip) are Safari, Rafiki’s Planet Watch and the Affection Section, the Gorilla Falls and Maharajah walks, Adventurer’s Outpost (Minnie/Mickey meet), The Boneyard (she could spend hours there), TriceraTop Spin, the Flights of Wonder show as well as Nemo and the Lion King shows. She’s doing Rivers of Light for the first time in just over a week’s time. :slight_smile:

@BoilerMomPharmD we do Safari at least twice. Hit Dinoland and do the Triceratop Spin. I don’t think a 1 and 3 year old can ride EE.