Animal Kingdom Touring Plan Insight

Below is my proposed plan for touring Animal Kingdom. I appreciate any opinions! I will be traveling with my daughters (almost 3 and 5), husband, and parents. We are visiting AK in mid-May on a Thursday.

Arrive by 8:20 (park opens at 9)

  • RD Na’vi?
    :mountain_snow: Everest (for DH and I, parents and girls will go straight to DinoLand for TriceraTop Spin, the Boneyard, games)
    :sauropod: Dinosaur (DH and I)
    :rowing_man: Kali River Rapids
    :tiger: 9:30 a.m. FP for Safari (arrive by 10)
    :fork_and_knife: Tusker House ADR @ 10:45
    :parrot: If possible, Up! show @ 12
    :purple_heart: FOP (DH and I) / Na’Vi (girls and parents) FPs for 12-1 window (arriving near end of window)
    :lion: Festival of the Lion King FP @ 2
    :fish: Finding Nemo @ 3 (or back to resort for quick break)
    :national_park: If we stay in AK, we will try to fit in the Oasis Exhibits and the trails
    :fork_and_knife: Jiko ADR @ 5:30
    :evergreen_tree: Return to AK if girls are up for it, for Tree of Life Awakenings and River of Lights (we have preferred seating with Tusker House dining)

Edited to add TP:

Also, we will have a car and plan on driving to AK.


I have no advice, but I am in love with your emoji use!:two_hearts::joy:


Time well-spent!

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Yes, massive points — :dizzy: — to @Kholmha for the opening post.


No ideas but I love the emojis!!


I love your emoji use as well!

I think you’ll enjoy NRJ. It’s not as hard to get into that as FOP, but you may still wish to get there a bit sooner if you and DH wish to see it.

I like that you put “if the girls are up to it”.

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If only TP had a banshee emoji . . .

I fully expect to only make 50% of my plans because littles are so unpredictable. I really hope they like characters, otherwise I am going to have to redo all my plans!


I’m not sure but I think Boneyard opens a little later than the park. That came up when I was working on my own TP. Could you move the Dinoland stuff to the afternoon? We ended up putting it right after lunch.

Thanks, I’ll check on that! Boneyard is on my optimized TP around 1; that’s probably why!

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Going into the day with that possibility puts you ahead, in my opinion.

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Great plan !

Na’Vi is easily done at RD. Last march, we arrived only 20 mins before park opening and it was a walk-on, so we decided to take another ride (and it was still a walk-on).

I agree with @ErinMN: Boneyard is often opening one hour after park opening.

Still, with the walking time between attractions (because the park is huge), you could be rushed with Na’vi - EE - Dinosaur - KRR and walk to Africa in one hour.

Personally, I would drop the FP+ for FotLK (it’s not that of a time saver) and save that FP+ for one of the ride in the afternoon. In fact, I would try to reduce your walking time because you’re doing at lot of backtracking.

So, maybe drop UP! (you already have FotLK & Nemo, and maybe ROL):
RD - Na’Vi
Kilimanjaro Sarafis (10:00 - FP+)
FOP / Na’vi (12:00 - FP+)
FoTLK (1:00 show)
Dinosaur* (2:00 - FP+) *while Kids are in the Boneyard… or you pick them a FP+ for Character Outpost…
Nemo (3:00 show)

I like that plan- thanks very much! It will be good to break up the shows with some playground time.

If the kids are going on KRR pack some dry clothes (or make it the last ride before you leave)