Animal Kingdom Touring Plan 26/02/2020


I finally had our fast pass day! We were able to get FOP @ 9:35, Kilimanjaro @ 10:35 and Lion King @ 12:30. Now I am trying to sort out our touring plans according to our fast passes. I “Optimized” our plan but then made a few changes to reduce backtracking/walking as we have younger kids.
Hopefully we will be able to get Day of fast passes for Dinosaur or Everest as well. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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It feels like you might have too much down time? Is that on purpose? From about 1-6 you have a lot of trails and unscheduled time?

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The first thing that stands out to me that wrong with the steps is The Oasis #8, The Oasis is when you first walk in to the park. Take that out.

The Discovery Trail is great there is also some exhibits surrounding the Tree of Life.

I would only choose one trail for your plan. You have too many trails…Our family loves our local zoo and we tried the Gorilla Trails. We loved the upclose view of the gorillas but we found the rest boring.

I would add the UP show for your kids ages it would be a nice break. I have not personally seen the show but thinking of adding it to my plan.

Are you planning to stay the whole day? The plan even with the breaks looks exhausting. We never lasted past 3pm with my kids. (1st trip 6&8, 2nd trip 8&10)

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Thank you for your responses. I apologize that I am only writing back now … it was a busy few days with DS hockey and I am just getting a chance to look at this now!

@PrincipalTinker Thank you for pointing that out. I honestly did not even notice that and did not do it on purpose. I scheduled a 15min break in the am and afternoon to help keep us on track (ie time for bathroom etc) and time for lunch but I didn’t notice all that extra time around “The Boneyard”. I didn’t realize it would do that and thought it would schedule things one after the other. I will have to adapt it for sure! Thank you!!

@desire499mike - Thank you! I will remove the Oasis. These are things I don’t realize having not been there in so many years. Also, Thank you for your advice on the trails. I suppose you see many animals on the Safari so perhaps all the trails are not necessary.

Do you prefer the UP show or the Nemo show?

I was planning on the whole day. Although we are not planning on seeing the Rivers of Light show I would like to see the Tree Awakenings as well as Pandora land lit up. We had done two days at Legoland in a row last year - from 45 minutes prepark until 6pm and the kids were great! Our overall plan for Disney is 2 full days of park, one rest day, two fulls days of park, one rest day and then one full day of park. If we finish at a park early or need a break then we will just do so and stray from our “plans”. I feel spending full days at parks to finish them in one day seems like a better idea than taking rests in the afternoon. It seems like by the time you leave the park, wait for the bus, get back to your room, rest and then get back to the park that it would be the whole afternoon. My kids never nap and although I know this is a whole different level of tired I don’t know if it would happen or not. However, perhaps we can condense the day and the skip the evening things if everyone is getting tired. As info my other park days are planned morning until fireworks! I haven’t posted them yet. But now I am definitely having second thoughts!

Gotcha… that’s good info about your kids. Our family prefer the Nemo show. We have never seen the UP show at Disney, our local zoo had something similar with birds flying around and we loved it.
There is a photo booth in Dinoland (near a snack cart) that is fun for the kids, you just scan your band and they can choose some fun backgrounds.

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I personally really enjoyed Nemo! I think your kids would love it. It sounds like you have a good bit of flex time in your plan, so I say do both! (Nemo and Up) :grinning: