Animal Kingdom Sunset a good time?

Sunset over Thanksgiving week is around 5.30pm. We essentially have a non-park day on the Tuesday of our trip (a needed break for my Colorado time zone family after two 7AM RD mornings at MK and AK). Thinking it might be fun to get Saana reservations around 4pm, while still ligtht and can see Savannah, and then head into the park and do the Safari at 5:15-ish, then maybe head to Pandora to see it light up for the night, and mabye ride FOP. Just a few hour diversion, and not a late one, as we will be RDing HS the next day (Wed).

Sounds good.

Sounds nice-- just watch when things close in AK in the Fall. We went for an afternoon and a lot of trails were closed.

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