Animal Kingdom Summer Hours

I’m planning a trip to WDW in August 2016. My understanding is Rivers of Light is expected to open in the spring, so I was expecting park hours to be later by August. But, it’s currently showing Animal Kingdom closing at 5p every day of my trip. Will they change it once Rivers of Light is officially open?

yes. Hours Change all the time. I am seeing changes weekly to my March/April trip. They finalise hours about 3 weeks out.

I was listening to a podcast the other day and they were talking about a DVC event that is being hosted at AK at 9:30 pm during September. They compared it to when EP did the Wind Down and based on that they believed that AK will close at 9:00 during the summer months. I know it is a guess, but it makes sense.

thanks, it’s helpful to have some idea.

SO completely speculating, we think Animal Kingdom may be open to 8 in September? I wonder when they will update the hours, even if they aren’t final. Right now they only have later hours until June.

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Check out Kenny the Pirate, his rumours have AK staying open much longer than that. Disney’s aim is to make it an attractive park to spend the whole evening, but considering the animals I doubt it will be every night. I imagine they will spend the next year studying how ROL and the increased noise will effect the animals, so it will probably be a while before anyone can accurately predict opening hours 6 months out. If possible I’d pencil in a second night at AK, just in case the opening hours don’t increase for your first choice.

thank you, I found his website, very helpful!