Animal Kingdom shows and Mobile food app

While making my touring plan I see we arrive at FIning Nemo and Lion King pretty close to show time. I am not concerned about good seats because we generally have to escape with a wiggly child anyway. Do these shows actually fill up?

And I want the family to see Awakenings Tree of Life (which doesn’t have times posted yet). The River of Lights Show is scheduled for 9pm which we purchased the Diining package so we would have better seats. With the required check in time for the show do you think we will be able to see both attractions or are they scheduled to close together?

And what are your Mobile Food App experiences? We are a group of 12, how early can the meal orders be placed in the app. I and DH will be picking up the order while the other 10 enjoy the latest attraction. Do we need to take other family members Magic Bands to pick up their orders? We will be on the dining plan.

I believe the Tree of Life Awakenings starts after sunset; as soon as it’s dark. Then it cycles over and over. I don’t recall when it stops. I would think it cycles until a everyone has left–or beyond.

I can’t answer about the closeness of the two shows. I’ve only ever seen FotLK, and it was packed to the gills. It was Christmas Eve…

Is everyone on the same DDP? Even if not, if one person did the ordering and let the credits come out of one rooms’ DDP, and then the next QS a different person do that, it would work. However, I don’t think you can use other people’s bands to pick up multiple orders very easily. Hope I’m making sense, I’ve had very little sleep. and I’m typing on my iPhone.

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Picking up mobile ordered food is done by showing the app on your phone, it does not use the MB. The order is charged directly against the credit card you have linked to MDE, or your dining plan. Would you order and pay for all 12 people on one order? If so, then you probably need only your phone. If your group splits the food orders into various groups, you will likely need either their phones, or their MDE logged in on your phone. Complications…

Interesting and problematic. I could just take all their phones. We do have the dining plan but are in 3 different rooms. Trying to make life easier for the kids and grandies but I don;t think it will work out. Thabj you for your information.

I believe that it’s less about rooms than about reservations. If you all made the reservation together (1 payment), you should get one big mass of dining credits to use however you want.