Animal Kingdom—safari advice

We’re heading back for our 2nd Disney trip in mid-Sept. Me, DH, DS8 and DS5. Looking for Animal Kingdom advice. Planning on visiting for one morning/early afternoon, and then one late afternoon/evening so that we can see Pandora at night and RoL.

Is it worth it to see KS at 2 different times of day? Currently have FP for 9:05 Wed morning and 6:20 Fri evening (sunset is 7:20ish I think) When we went 2 years ago it was my animal-loving older son’s favorite experience all week, and we went first thing in the morning. Was thinking it would be nice to see around sunset too, just before RoL, but now questioning if it’s worth doing twice. Also have FP for FoP both days (yay!) along with KRR and RoL (not doing a Park in the morning that day) Was thinking same day FP or single rider for EE because I’m likely the only one who will ride.

Thanks in advance!


The safari at sunset is fabulous. The animals tend to be up and active. We heard the lion roaring. It was awesome.

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It’s a different experience, a different mood after dark. I think it’s worth doing both day and night safaris. Plus, it’s the only way you get to see both hyenas and African wild dogs since they share a habitat and are out at opposite times.

Every ride is different, and times of day result in different animal activity. I would do both! :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone! I’ll stick with my original plan. :grin:

We always do it multiple times, trying to hit early am and sunset at least. We’ve never ridden after dark though. Even my teens like to do KS multiple times per trip.

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We have scheduled the safari three times over one and a half days for our next trip. One morning, one evening and one afternoon the next day. I love the safari. I could happily ride it multiple times any day.

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I don’t know if you’ll have enough time to sprint over to RoL but if you can move the safari to a bit later you can enjoy the nightlife. If not, well sunset is good too. You’re good to go amiga! :grin:

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