Animal kingdom room views HELP!

Please help with suggestions for room views. Wanting to know which floor levels r best/worst. Do we want higher 5th floors for easier views or lower 3/4 floor to feel closer to animals. Afraid of tree lines😂 Blocking views and not feeling part of the Magic. Pleading help

The one time we did AKL we did 3rd floor and loved our animal views. We never ventured up to the 5th floor though so I can’t say how much worse the extra height made the view or if there were any advantages from being higher. The 3rd floor is the same level as the lobby which does offer some advantages as it’s a direct shot as opposed to needing an elevator etc.

Touring plans says 3rd/4th floor offers the best animal views though. How much better? Unfortunately I don’t have the experience to quantify that. My guess it’s another 10-15’ per floor so it’s not like it can be that much worse. Sounds like you need to be higher to grab club level which may be worth the trade…

I would think actually a lower floor would be better so you are seeing OUT to the Savannah and not DOWN on it. But that is just speculation.

I don’t think you specified Kidani vs Jambo, or Savannah-view vs Standard-view. When we were there last week, we were on the 5th floor of Kidani with standard view. There were animals within view, but they weren’t giraffes or zebras - just ones that looked like African versions of goats or deer. The enclosure space for them was pretty small, most of the view was just trees/scrub. We were high above them, they did not feel close.

But the benefit - which you may know if you read my trip report last week - was that from the 5th floor at 9 pm we had good views of Wishes, IllumiNations, and SW: AGS all at the same time. Pretty awesome.

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When I was at AKL last the staff seemed to think the 4th floor has the best Savannah view (that is why the club rooms are there). I liked the 3rd floor as well. If it is Jambo and standard view I have some good suggestions for rooms.

Are all club level rooms "Arusha savanna " views.

They should be…