Animal kingdom/Rivers of light fall schedule?

We are going the week of Thanksgiving and week after. Does anyone know when or why there has been such a delay in posting the Rol schedule? We are going on a Monday for EMH and when I initially made that call (back with reserving dining) they had not posted Sept and October dates (where there are no Monday shows). I keep hoping they will add a Monday show the week of Thanksgiving and we can grab the Rol dining package. So basically I am having to check every day…which is fun if slightly ocd. Anyone have a clue as to what is going on with late scheduling? Also I am pretty sure the currently posted open and close schedule is wrong because we have a dining reservation at Tusker House for 11/20 at 7:20p and park “closes” at 7p…?

I’ve been listening looking for the same time myself! I check at least every other day only to be disappointed with dates posted. I’ve seen in previous posts that it usually opens about 2 months ahead. So I figure it should be any day now for November? Maybe someone roar has better info to help calm our nerves/ crazy stress!!!

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Sorry, no help here just commiseration :slight_smile: I am also eager for more info on ROL and hours in general for AK at the end of November/first weekend of December! It feels like such a short day based on currently estimated hours.

I thought RoL was already scheduled per the travel agent spreadsheets:

I assume changes will be made to this because Jingle Bell Jingle Bam and the Star Wars show aren’t listed for HS, so I guess AK could change too. I wonder if there is a more definitive schedule somewhere?

The ROL SHOW schedule may be out but the dining packages are not . That is my issue. I’m not sure abou the others

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I feel your pain! We are going to AK the Sunday before Thanksgiving and I check the WDW site once in the morning and once in the afternoon for the ROL Dining Packages. From reading other posts, it looks like the dates will turn blue but Disney doesn’t actually load the times until two days after that. Not sure if this is true or just a myth, but figured it was good information to have. Crossing my fingers they post times soon.