Animal Kingdom - refillable canteen

Last August I got the adorable refillable canteen at AK - the one with the green canvas cover and the Explorer Mickey graphic on the front. I thought I had seen somewhere that they are still selling these! Can anyone confirm? Would I be able to bring this back with me this weekend and keep using it?? :smiley:

I don’t know if you can keep using it, but I did just buy my DS one earlier this month.
We go again next week and I was planning on bringing it so I am curious about whether you are able to use yours this weekend.

I haven’t seen anything about this. Would someone give more detail please? Cost, where to buy, where to refill, etc.

Just got back on Monday - they are still selling the canteens for $12.95 (I think), but are no longer offering refills :frowning: The canteens are super cute thought!

Oh that’s disappointing. We are here and brought it with us.

We were there last week. I saw the canteens and they are cute, but there was nothing about refills so we passed on buying them.