Animal Kingdom Quick lunch spots

Thanks for the advice on Magic Kingdom quick service lunch spots, now I need some for Animal Kingdom.
It’s for 2 adults who are not picky and would rather not spend a fortune.
We are visiting Orlando for 4 nights this November.
Quick visit and decided to visit MK and AK.
Thanks for the help,

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We enjoy Flame Tree BBQ but are also excited to try Satuli Canteen on our upcoming trip.

I second Flame Tree. Plus I suggest you could share one of their combos quite easily. We have ordered 2 combos plus an extra side or two for our family of 4 people. Plus we also ordered 3 combos for 4 of us. Both times there was plenty.

Satu’li hands down. Only QS place in AK I will go to.


Flame Tree, Satuli Canteen doesn’t appeal to me but if you like the look of the menu it gets rave reviews.

Flame Tree! Good good, beautiful view, and many plates are large enough to share so cost efficient!


I am all for the good good.:wink:


I’d Flame Tree if you like spare ribs. Split the Spare Ribs plate.
Pro Tip - ONION RINGS!!!


I haven’t actually eaten there yet, but I did a lot of restaurant research for an upcoming trip and Flame Tree BBQ is frequently mentioned as a good spot (as you’ve seen with the replies already). It’s been locked into my touring plan for a month and I’m looking forward to trying it!

It’s also located near the center of the park which makes the logistics and planning simpler.

It’s not gonna be the best bbq you’ve ever had, BUT:

For DW food, it’s pretty much a great value for the quality, which, is about the best compliment you can give for DW restaurants.

Watch out for the birds! They seem to be hungry.


Satuli! So delicious!


We usually go to Satu’li since we all love the beef bowl (DD is also hooked on their quesadillas). Flame Tree is also good (huge portions) and so is Harambe Market, which doesn’t seem to get mentioned a lot. Honorable mention goes to the pork egg rolls from the Yak & Yeti quick service!

Satu’li is delicious! My favorite for sure!

How spicy is the food at Satu’li? I noticed about half the recipes have red pepper flakes (the beef bowl, for instance), but then so do the kids’ versions so I’m thinking it’s not very hot.

I’ve never even noticed them - and I’ve had the beef bowl.

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Oh my!! What is that? Beef bowl?

No spice whatsoever. And my DH would know, he doesn’t do spicy in any way, shape or form. :slight_smile:

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The crispy tofu has a tiny spice to it with the chili powder, but it’s still not bad. It’s probably the spiciest of everything. But again, MILD. And delicious!

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We ate flame tree once…it was not good at all! We never tried it again. Maybe an off day, but it was just plain not good…we got ribs and chicken combos