Animal Kingdom Questions

I have searched past threads and I haven’t been able to find the information I was looking for. I have two questions. First, the park hours got extended for my trip in April and now DAK is opening at 7am for EMH. What time should I arrive by to knock out both FOP and NRJ? 6:30? 6:00? Even earlier? And secondly, I put both FOP and NRJ in my touring plan and it says that I will be done with both by 8:30. Is this realistic? Has enough data on Pandora been gathered?

Thanks everyone!

Rule of thumb is to arrive one hour before rope drop. So yeah, for a 7a.m. you’re looking at a 6a.m. arrival.

If you arrive an hour ahead you’ll be done with both rides WELL before 8:30. For an 0800 opening last april we arrived at 0650. We rode BOTH rides by 0820. My family couldn’t stop singing my praises :wink:

Awesome! Thanks!

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On a slightly different thread, we have an early reservation at Tusker House for 8:15 but the park opening got moved back to 8. How early will they let you in for ADR? Or, to explain my thinking better, would we be able to get in early enough to ride on the safari before our breakfast reservation? I am not sure how the early entry works for ADR as I have never made a reservation before.

We are not planning on trying to get to FOP, but will spend lots of time in dinoworld.

We have a tentative lunch booked at Tusker house as well just in case the morning plan doesn’t make sense.

Any thoughts or input?


I think it might be risky.

Even if you got on the first vehicle, you just don’t know what might happen. You could get an animal lie down right in front of the jeep and not move!

I wouldn’t risk it to be honest.


Exactly what @Nickysyme said. You could have all the critters cooperating, or you could, like I did last week, have one of the Ankole Cattle decide that he wants to just camp in the roadway for 20 minutes until a keeper managed to lure him off enough that vehicles could start moving again. (He stood in his new place looking quite proud of himself for it too.)

We had the same scenario last Friday. Turns out the they didn’t open Kilimanjaro Safari until 9 that day anyway. Not sure if that is the regular practice or just what happened that day. We got to the KS line at 9:05 (after an amazing breakfast food and character-wise) and waited for about 20 minutes. It wasn’t too bad. It was a 6 CL day.

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