Animal Kingdom question

I’m not even sure how to ask this. While reading the guide book sections on AK, it seemed to me that some attractions were linked to other attractions. Like you shouldn’t/ or can’t really do one without the other. Did I read that right? I feel confused. Like a trail or train or something, that you shouldn’t really go on unless you’re going to do the attraction that at its ends? or something?

I feel like the last 2 times we were at AK I really didn’t get a lot out of the experience. I must be missing something. I really want to plan better for AK. Any help you can give would really help. Thanks!

You can’t get to anything at Rafiki’s Planet Watch/Conservation Station without taking the train to get there.

The only thing that might fall into that category is the train to the Rafiki’s Planet Watch. You can only get there by train. But you can ride the train without going through the exhibits if you don’t want to.

The major rides are all pretty obvious. It’s easy to miss the two walking trails - the Pangani next to KS and the Maharajah Trek near KR. Both are worth checking out, but of the two, I like the Maharajah better.

Nemo and Lion King are both excellent musical shows. Flights of Wonder features free-flying birds.

Although I have done everything in AK, Even staying from ED to closing, I’ve never been able to fit everything in in one day…


There are two different trains listed. How does that work?

Oh nevermind. I see the map. Its the stations right? I get on at one, get off to see rafiki’s planet watch, then get on where I got off and takes us back. But the stations are listed separately?

I didn’t even know there was a train at AK the last two trips there. DH didn’t either. I’m so glad I’m on tp

Unless it’s changed recently, the whole train/Rafiki situation is a right mess on TP. I’ve optimized and it has had me taking the train FROM Planet Watch to the Africa staion before I ever took the train TO Planet Watch. And then it had me doing Planet Watch 2 hours later.You really have to think of it as a single event: Train - Planet Watch - Train. I’d allow 60-90 min for the whole thing for the first time you go. If you’re like me, there won’t be a second time…