Animal Kingdom plan: Ride, Walk alternate, repeat

going Feb 4, 2019. Touring Plan software optimizes things but puts too many rides together. Also puts Expedition Everest right after cocktails at Nomad Lounge; no way we are doing that coaster after an adult beverage.
Still have time for fast passes, so…
I know AK is pretty easy to get around. We LOVE wildlife. We’ll probably skip Dinosaur ride. I’d like to alternate between a sit down and a walk. E.G.: Safari, Gorilla, then Kali River, Maharaja Jungle, maybe a show, then Discovery Island. That sort of thing. Expedition Everest BEFORE Nomad lounge would be OK.
I also don’t want to pack coaster/thrill rides back to back.
Sometimes I think Touring Plans actually makes things harder!
I’ll let you know if I come up with something.

you can put into order you prefer and Evaluate instead I mark down totals of walking vs waiting with each time I move things around then decide on final plan

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