Animal Kingdom Parking?

Anyone drive to AK for rope drop recently and can tell me what time they start letting cars/Uber through? Trying to figure out if we want to Uber or bus. Thanks!

I believe it’s an hour before park open. A couple of weeks ago we arrived 40 min before park open and they were already at full swing with no residual lines to enter the parking lot.

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@TarHeelTiff did this a couple of weeks ago and I think was let in 8:15am for 9am opening if I remember correctly.

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Yep, when we were there on Sunday, 9/21, we arrived to the gates at 8am and they started letting cars through at 8:17.

We were parked and heading through the tapstiles at 8:30am for a 9am open. @DumboRunner was on the busses and she arrived just a couple of minutes after that. Both of us were able to RD FOP with minimal wait.


Perfect thank you so much!

…and go straight to Pandora. Other rides not open before 9.

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