Animal Kingdom Pandora Question

Bring them along! :smiley:

There are very few places where kids are not allowed in WDW.

Also, though, if they want to go do stuff on their own that could be fun for all of you.

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Yes, I’m pretty blessed in the friend department! We did Disney trivia and ran through a whole list of first date questions with wacky answers, and it’s one of my favourite memories from the trip now, although I really, really did have to use the bathroom by the time it was over, and the nearest one is a bit of a hike - they really should have planned that better! :slight_smile:


There’s one right outside of the shop you exit through.

Noooo!? I didn’t see it on the map! Ugh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup! It’s just to the left past the booze hut that’s right there, along the side of Satul’i

DH and I have decided to check it out for our short date night. Hope all these people you are sending aren’t there that day :laughing: