Animal Kingdom Pandora Question

I read that you are only allowed to get a FPP for one Pandora ride per day. Does that mean that if you get FOP earlier in the day and use two other FPP, if one is available for the river ride that you cannot get it? Or do they mean one Pandora ride in your first three and then you can see what is available? Hoping to watch the FPP drop times just in case.

What would be your top three suggestions for AK FPP? I definitely want to do FOP. Would also love to do Navi River, Lion King, Safari, Dinosaur, Primevil Whirl and ITTBB, maybe EE, (will have dining package for Rivers of LIght).


One in the first set of three but then you can maybe get it as a fourth or subsequent if you’re lucky!

FoP, then KS, then EE. Then try for a Navi as 4th. Festival is great but as long as you don’t mind where you sit you should get in

I don’t think there’s a lot of availability for Navi as a 4th FP although some people have seen it as a same day FP drop like they do with FOP. I would book FOP, KS and EE and hit Navi at rope drop. The line for FOP will be insane, but if you’re inside the park before the 9 am opening time (Pandora starts running sometime around 8:45), you should hit Navi with almost no line.

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That is one of the only days that we won’t be there for rope drop since we are going to MNSSH party the night before and plan to sleep in a bit. We have Tusker House reservations around 10:30 and will be staying until park close. Is the line ever shorter in the evening?

If you get in line in the last 10 minutes before park closes you’ll wait about an hour or so

We were just in AK last week. We couldn’t get a FP for FOP, so we waited in line for four hours, and it was totally worth it. It helped that we were a group of adult best friends, though, so that might not be true for everyone. :slight_smile: Navi River was underwhelming - we rope-dropped that and walked in right away, and I think it was a waste of the rope-drop. We got into Lion King with no FP no problem, and Safari in the dark with a FP was underwhelming. I didn’t do Everest myself, but my rollercoaster-loving friends thought it was worth the FP.

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FOP and KS. Then If you are going to ride KRR – get a fast pass. The line can get long and the ride is very short. Ride is worth it on a hot day - midday/afternoon but not any other time. And that is when the line is longest so a FP is a must. EE you can get short lines or single rider at some point on even busy days. Personal opinion is that literally nothing else (except NAVI) is worth a fast pass or needs a fast pass at AK.

4 HOURS!??!?!?! I just fell out of my chair at work.


It was insane! But they had a reduced loading capacity for some reason, and by the time we’d invested over an hour in line we weren’t leaving - and we’d seen almost everything else we wanted to see in the park, and we like spending time together, so we stayed. :slight_smile: I’m glad we did - it was worth it once!


When i walk past standby wait lines of 90 min+ I always think “who ARE those people?!”.
now I know. :smile:
I envy you the friends worth standing in line 4 hours with!


I would be the one worried about needing the loo!

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Ironically we are staying at AKL and not going to AK this trip (I was outvoted in favor of Epcot) but it’s so tempting to get a ticket for myself and sneak off to do this!!! Trip is 2 weeks out so no chance of FP. Maybe the lines will be shorter next trip when SWGE opens​:joy::joy::joy::joy: something else I am sure to be out voted on! Good thing I love my people but someday I’m planning a solo trip!!!

Dreams do come true!

I just got FOP 10 days before my AK day! It’s an evening time (not ideal) and I had to give up an afternoon Navi, but I’m happy. I’ll convince DH somehow that we need to stay. :grinning:

Anyway, don’t give up hope, even when it seems like there is none. People’s plans change and you could get their FPs.


Take a little rest break in the peace and tranquility of Nomad Lounge :wink:

(I really gotta stop sending people there)

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What’s the Nomad Lounge?

:::unfaints::: (maybe I mean, :::comes to after fainting::: ??)

Nomad is the lounge attached to Tiffins Restaurant, near the entrance to Pandora. It is a tranquil oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the park. They have delicious small plates (DH and I shared two as a light lunch last month) and really good drinks. There’s plenty of seating inside, and a beautiful wraparound porch with usual tables and chairs but also couches and loungers to relax in. It is one of my top spots in all of WDW. It remains largely undiscovered by the masses - hence why I say I need to stop sending people there :wink:



Ooo. Lovely. Can my teens come with me or do I have to leave them outside to their own defenses? (which I might be okay with)

Now there is a thought! You could pretend on the day…depending on their mood. …and yours😉.

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