Animal Kingdom/Pandora at Night

Anyone have first hand experience at AK and Pan at night? How fantastic is it? 4 night trip coming and considering a second night there with one EP and one MK.

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I’ve been to AK at night pre-Pandora, and it’s beautiful; the lighting fits the mood of the park perfectly, and I think it feels even more “authentic” in the dark. I haven’t been to Pandora yet, but based on all of the photos and videos I have seen, it looks totally amazing after dark - a MUST see for me on my next trip.

It’s beautiful! It was our favorite part of the trip.

Thank you… Can’t wait!!! may do it twice in 4 nights :slight_smile:

Anyone have an idea how late we should plan on being there to get the full effect? 6 and 1 year old with me… They get a bit cranky late at night. We will try for naps but nothing can ever be planned perfectly. I will be there in August. Not sure what time the sun sets but just looking for approximate earliest time to enjoy the nighttime offerings at AK.

From what I’ve seen of pictures from Pandora, you really need to be there at “full dark”,which would occur around an hour after “official” sunset.

Is Pandora still open after park closing? We want to see ROL, then tour Pandora after in the dark. Does the park close after ROL? Will we still be able to go walk around Pandora after the show, or will they funnel us directly out of the park?