Animal Kingdom - one or two days? Boma or Tusker?


Do you recommend AK in one or two days?
Boma or Tusker as a dinning option?


I think it depends how long your trip is, how old everyone in your group is, if you plan to RD, and if you have park hoppers. I love AK and could easily spend 2 days there. I also take a long break in the middle of the day which means it wouldn’t actually be 2 FULL days. Boma was amazing for breakfast but also really expensive (we usually have breakfast in the room). Tuscker House is also expensive but IMO a great character meal! FOTLK, KRR, KS, the trails, the boneyard, NRJ, the entertainment, WIlderness Explorers, the Tree of Life awakenings, ROL were all crowd pleasers! This time looking forward to DAH AK because it is just my daughter and I and she has requested no rope drops and we have not yet ridden EE or FOP!

Bona is at AKL not the park so it really depends if you want to take a chunk of time out of your day to go over there. We really enjoyed TH - both characters and food. You could book a 10:45 or so ADR to pay breakfast price but eat mostly lunch food.

We usually do two days at AKL because we love it and want to take our time to enjoy it.

TH and Boma have similar foods. I liked both, but the characters are neat at TH. Being inside the park makes TH more convenient. However, I love AKL and having a break out there is awesome.

If you have timid kids or children under 40-44 inches tall (we have a DS2), there are very few rides they can do there. Our kids don’t really like the shows either. They like the animals and the safari, but for us, it’s only enough to fill one day. For older kids and adults, I think you can easily spend 2 days there.

As an aside, DAH is a really great way to do AK if you only want to dedicate one day there. My older son DS5 and I did it one night. It’s an easy way to get most of the park done in one afternoon/evening. Get your 3 FPP for KS, KRR, and FOTLK in the afternoon regular hours, then do FoP, Dinosaur, EE and NRJ during DAH. You can get pretty much get the entire park done in 6 hours that way.

I’ve been tempted by Boma (and Sanaa) several times, but it just seems so inconvenient to leave the park when TH is right there.

TWO DAYS. I love that park. But the other people have made more eloquent statements so I guess you should consider their points too.

We did TH lunch and I found the food… OK. The characters were really fun though. The kids - and many adults - were all up dancing in a conga line with them. This time around we’re doing Tiffins one AK day, and leaving for dinner at Boma the other.

If you don’t know the park well enough to know the right answer for your family, I’m going to guess that you’ve never been there… so it’s an experiment. With that being the case, I’d recommend one day, because of the fact that it is an unknown. If you were trying a new brand of peanut butter, you wouldn’t buy two, you’d buy one and get two the next time if you really loved it.

Some people here will shout “TWO!! It’s our favourite park!” For us, we don’t even bother to go to AK anymore, we’re that ambivalent. You could be one, the other, or anywhere in between on the spectrum. The worst case outcome of going once is that you love it, and next time will prioritize it more. The worst case outcome if you’re like me is that you’re stuck blowing two whole days at a “meh” park. I’d err on the side of the former.

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This. I feel there are so few rides there especially for younger kids or people who don’t like thrills. The atmosphere is nice but I just don’t see how you could spend 2 days there unless you spend 3 hour in line for FoP. I this is an unpopular opinion.

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Helpful comments. I’ve created a plan for our young family and it shows us doing most of the park in about 4-5 hours. At first I thought it was a mistake, but the kids are too small for most of the thrill rides and they won’t sit for shows all day (1 or 2 will be their max) so there isn’t as much to do. Fine with me. I like alternating between busy days (i.e. MK, HS) and short days (i.e. AK, EP) since our trip isn’t long enough to have resort days.

If your family loves animals like mine:

Choose 1 of the days to be a sleep in or pool in the morning day. Then get an ADR at Sanaa for the 1st seating. Go over a little early so you can watch the animals on the Savannah and then get to lunch and ask for window with a view of the Savannah. Then do a 2nd day RD!

Two days.

And since that will afford you plenty of park time, I would recommend Boma as an escape from the park AND to be able to see AKL which is quite a treat.

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We did 1.5 this time, but we did take a chunk out of the first day to have a late breakfast at Boma. And we planned to ride EE at least 10 times that day too.

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Thank you!

For us splitting it into half days - AM one day and PM another - is perfect. It ends up feeling like two very different experiences.

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This is what we do—one day RD to late afternoon followed by either Epcot WS or resort time and then on our second day, we sleep in and arrive at/after lunch and close the park. We love AK.