Animal Kingdom on 6-21-19

Making some preliminary plans and noticed AK was an 8 for 6-21-19. This wouldn’t normally bug me but everything else is a 5 or 6 for that day, is something going on at AK that day or is this sort of an anomaly. Thanks in advance.

Not sure what the reason would be. Certain parks do peak on certain days of the week, and IIRC from planning my own past trips Friday and AK is a bad combination. AK on an 8 would be tough to handle - it feels busy most every day because the paths are more narrow. I would try for another day of the week if you can.

Eight months out? CLs are constantly changing, and that far out they haven’t even announced official operating hours yet. I don’t pay serious attention to CLs until a few months out, and even then, based on the experience of my last trip, they were wildly inaccurate - the day of…

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