Animal Kingdom @ Night

I currently have 2 morning’s booked and 1 evening booked at Animal Kingdom. Am wondering if I should do 2 evenings & 1 morning? I have some EPCOT days booked and am wondering if it would be worth just going to AK for early entry a few mornings to take advantage of Pandora early, then head for EPCOT after that or is that too much park hopping?

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Well if they still have hopping limited to after 2pm that would give you a lot of time in AK both mornings. I think AK to Epcot is an excellent park hopping strategy though.


2 mornings and 1 evening sounds great if you have enough of time to do so. Especially if you can RD twice to ride FOP with a short wait. I think it also depends if your family is early risers or not.

Park hopping to EP would work good if you take a couple hour resort break in the early afternoon so you don’t have terrible long days.


When I was there, AK was best in the morning because it closed early. But the lines were shorter in the couple of hours prior to close.

However, if hours during your stay are longer, I can totally imagine evenings at AK being very lovely.

In any case, it’s not too much hopping. I think AK and Epcot are best in chunks. Better not to spend a whole day in either to break things up. Have a rest and/or sit-down meal in between.


AK at night is beautiful. I wasn’t able to see Pandora at night when we went and I regret that.


They haven’t posted the hours for early November yet, but it’s estimated to be open 8am-7pm

This is a solo trip & I’m a bit of an early bird by habit

Then I’d definitely stick with your plan!

If your trip is the first week of Nov (before the daylight saving end), sunset is about 6:37-6:41 pm, which should be getting dark enough to make some of the lighting effects noticeable. After that week, sunset slips to about 5:30pm.

I wish I was going to see AK at night in September but I think they will close before it is dark enough.

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Some recent articles if you have not seen yet.

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I loved my solo trip September 2019. It was absolutely incredible.

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