Animal Kingdom Lodge

I'm doing pre-checkin at AKL. We just have a regular room for 1 night. Is it better to request a specific floor or area? I'm just happy to be staying at AKL.

I think I requested Kudu Trail , upper floor and I could see the savannah from my balcony.

Without an upgrade, a "regular" room will have, at best, a "limited" savannah view (Savannah rooms are different price categories). Kudu Trail, being between two savannahs has more "rooms with a view" - but it also has a driveway "view". Personally, I would be more like to go with something like "near lobby" or "near elevator" or "near pool"...

I agree with @bswan26, near lobby will get you closer to the resources and beautiful lobby / Arusha rock and restaurants of the resort. Near the lobby will also get you pretty near the pool. I am voting lobby

A lot of good advice. I was thinking lobby because my friend has MS and it would mean less walking. We are getting in late and will be tired. Partial view would be nice too though. Thanks everyone!

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We paid for Savannah once and the other 3 times we were at AKL we booked standards. Once we were upgraded to Savannah view ad the other 2 times we were near lobby. The last time which was last December we had a 1BR overlooking the Kidani lobby and we were a few feet from the elevator that took you right down to Sanaa.. we loved it and I just went down to the lobby overlooks if I wanted to view animals.

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We are studio savannah view still need to do online check in. Where is best?

Just checked near lobby but didn't pick a view.