Animal Kingdom lodge - Value Views?

Been looking to switch to Animal Kingdom Lodge for the last two nights of my stay, (will be exploring the AK one of those days). Trying to save some money, and there are no longer any of the savannah rooms available on the back to school discount. However there are some Studios and One Bedrooms Value Rooms, that I could get “fairly cheap”. I can get the studio for less than my current hotel and could get the one bedroom for around $80-$100 more. While I don’t need the space of the one bedroom, the whirl pool tub and standalone shower are nice features.

I know that some of the value rooms do offer somewhat of a savanna view, and know that it’s not guaranteed. Do you think it’s worth the saving to risk not getting a great view? I would love to be able to get up and see animals from my room in the morning or after coming in for the night but will be spending most of my stay in the parks. Might have one evening during this part of my trip where I explore some of the resort and eat at Jiko. I’m sure there are plenty of places around the resort to view animals, that might satisfy my animal viewing wants.

Any thoughts or advice?

I would never ever ever book a category I would not be completely happy with. That is to say, if having the savanna view is super important to you - book the savanna view.

That being said, there are MANY places from which to see the animals just steps from your room no matter where you stay or what you pay for. Our first stay we had a pool view (which was lovely, by the way). Diagonally across the hall from us was a viewing area. Like, open our door, cross the hall, and voila - giraffes. I would be quite happy with any room in AKL because this is true.

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I agree. I’d take a broom closet at AKL over just about any other hotel lol. Having said that when I put in a request I ask for any view other than a parking lot and last time we ended up on kudu trail with an awesome view of animals.


If you don’t think that the view would be a trip-killer then I’d go for the 1 br. Even when just my niece and I go using DVC points we usually get a 1 br, just because I like to have the tub, the kitchen/full fridge, and the washer/dryer. It’s just so nice to be able to toss a load in before going to bed each night and then not return home with a suitcase full of laundry to do! Having 2 TVs is nice as well, as is having ice in the freezer (some of them have ice makers, some just have trays but either way we have ice for our water bottles!) and eating cereal out of REAL bowls in the morning!

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