Animal Kingdom Lodge Standard Room Suggestions - Room Request Info?



I've just passed my 60 day on-line check-in mark for AKL.

I have booked a standard view room and although I am expecting to have a view of the car park, I would love to have some sort of a Savannah view.

Can anyone recommend a room, floor or location to increase my chances of getting a room with some sort of view? and also to have a room without a connecting door!

Should I complete the Disney on-line check-in if I am also going to submit a room request via TP?

Thank you.


@PrincipalTinker will have some good suggestions for you on a room of this sort.


As far as the rest - I would delete the TP language and insert your own. I would decide which is your top priority and state it as such. Here is what I typically put in my AKL fax:

"We would prefer any room on the Giraffe Trail in the block of rooms 2018-2033 or 3018-3033 with a queen and bunk beds. If there are no rooms in this block with bunk beds, any room on the 3rd floor close to lobby which has bunk beds would be preferred. Bunk beds are our top priority."

For you, you might replace "bunk beds" with "any room without a connecting door" as your top priority. We had great success on this last trip and got exactly what we wanted, winding up in 3030 with bunk beds!


I love 3216-3238 (Lobby Floor) or 4216-4238 (one floor up). Add a not about the connecting door. I am not sure which rooms have it or not.

This is the view I am talking about:


Thank you for your reply and advice.

I've made a note of your fax text and will have a look at the TP room finder to narrow down a block of rooms.


Fantastic... thank you.