Animal Kingdom Lodge Question

Is anyone there right now? Can you let me know what area they are working on. I need to send my room fax and would prefer a refurbished room, but I have a pool view and want an upper floor for the views. I’m not sure if they refurbed the upper level. Is there construction equipment around the pool area? Is there anything you can tell me that might affect our stay.

A group I’m in said they finished the zebra trail section and was working on the pool rooms, but that was a few weeks ago.

We are staying in the Jambo house.


I’ve read that they’ve started on Kudu Trail/Dunset Savanna. Rooms x251-x285.

Not there but the last i heard was the Kudu trails were the best bet if you are gping over the next few months and they are currently working on zebra trail to finished later in the year. Ostrich and giraffe have not been touched. Just relaying info though that i recieved