Animal Kingdom Lodge pools

ok, I’ve heard from various sources that using the DVC pool at, say, Wilderness Lodge, is ok for regular WL guests. I am assuming that it is the same for AKL, right? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

You can use both

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I thought that it was only OK for regular guests to use the DVC pool at WL when they were doing refurb work on the main pool, otherwise only DVC guests can use the DVC pools. Has something changed here?

When I checked in to WL in December my room overlooked the DVC pool. They told me it was a great room and it was up to me what pool I used ( I booked standard view).

And that’s what I had heard from a couple of different podcasts, that the WL pools were for all guests, very much like a quiet pool at POR.

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There is certainly no gate or writing around the Hidden Spring pool near the DVC building at WL to designated it DVC only, although it’s a generally inconvenient location for most regular WL guests.