Animal Kingdom Lodge or PO Riverside

We are re-booking our March trip for November 7-14th.

We are traveling with 7 total (4 adults, 3 kids). We don’t plan on having any resort only days but will utilize pool for mid-day breaks as long as weather is OK.

I’ve never stayed at AKL but I have stayed at POR. I thought it was nice but HUGE and the buses were slow.

It will cost us $1,500 more to stay at AKL (standard view). Thoughts? Is this worth it?

Why is it between those 2? POFQ is gorgeous, small but you can still use Riverside’s pool etc.

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POFQ is an option. Riverside is the cheaper option by a few hundred for the week. I didn’t know they were really different from one another.

We were at AKL a few weeks ago. It was nice, but I wouldn’t stay there again, mainly because I didn’t like being so heavily at the mercy of the bus schedule. The pool is nice (Kidani is way better than Jambo) but nothing too special, the Mara was good but got pretty repetitive after a week. It was cool seeing animals off the balcony but when you’re leaving the room at 7am and getting back at 8pm it’s not a huge factor.

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Very different, POFQ is so small it only has 1 bus stop and no room is more than 5 mins walk from the lobby, QS, pool (maybe 10 if you are really dawdling). But it has no quiet pool, and no TS restaurant.

We stayed at AKL. It was lovely with the Christmas decorations. It seemed to take forever to get to the parks and to DS. For that reason, I would not stay there again.
POFQ is my preferred moderate for the compact size and layout.

AKL is my jam. If I could stay there I would, but I would want to make time to enjoy it, too.

If you’re not going to spend time there, why not go value?

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I think this is the answer. We aren’t spending a ton of time at the resort.

My boys REALLY want a water slide so it needs to be a moderate.

Thanks for the advice.

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We stayed at POR last summer and again over Thanksgiving last year and we decided that, barring some fabulous deal, we are done with that resort because the buses are so absolutely atrocious. Like, bad. The buses at AKL aren’t exactly the stuff dreams are made of, but they are far better than the POR bus situation. We ended up taking an Uber a lot to get back to POR because of how awful the bus situation is there. Just my opinion, because the resort itself is nice, but it was not a great overall experience for us.