Animal Kingdom Lodge Exploration after Boma

After a meal at Boma, how long do you reckon is needed to visit animal viewing locations at AK lodge?
I am trying to determine how much time is needed there before heading back to the park. I assume 90 minutes is needed to eat at Boma.

Boma is a buffet with no characters, so 60 minutes is probably a better meal estimate - unless you have lots of littles you have to help. The primary viewing area at Jambo is Arusha Rock, which you access from the back of the lobby. Kind of like AK, how long you spend depends on how long you want to look (and how many animals are near by). The area itself is not huge, so you could walk around it in 5 minutes, or you could spend more time looking in all directions, ofr there might be a CM there doing a presentation or just answering questions. I’ve done all 3. There is a much smaller savanna viewing area at the far side of the pool, but if you weren’t plan on walking around the pool , it’s probably not worth it. There are numerous other small areas, but they are mostly large windows that guests look through while navigating the very long hallways of the lodge.


I have usually found CMs at the viewing area behind the pool. They love to talk to you about the animals and their countries. There is also a flamingo area there too I think?

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Thanks, I realized it has been a while since I stayed at Jambo so I was not confident!

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