Animal Kingdom Lodge Contruction

Has anyone recently stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge? We currently have reservations for March but I heard the construction is a “mess”. Wondering how true that is. We’ll be in Jambo House not Khadani Village so I think we won’t really be affected. Also interested if the pool areas are affected. If construction is a pain we may be switching but need to decide quickly I think. TIA.

Following. We’ll be there in June…I didn’t know about construction?

There was some construction last year. When I stayed there last April they sent me a letter telling me there would be construction but I never saw any. I will be back in three weeks and I did not receive notice this year. I am staying at WL after AKL and I received an email about WL.

Hmm… all I heard is that various blocks of rooms are closed off for room refurbs, not pool or common areas. Would be interested in hearing more since we’re heading there soon. Where’d you hear about it?

I did just hear from someone there last week and they said there were no issues and the pools were open. I got a response from Disney directly as well and they said there isn’t construction when we go (in March) and pools are all open. So that is good news. I had heard it on the WDW Today podcast.