Animal Kingdom Lodge Construction

We just got a letter from AKL stating there would be construction during our stay. Does anyone know if this is going to ruin the stay to the extent it is for people at Wilderness Lodge? If so, any tips on talking to Disney about getting moved to another resort? I’ve also heard on some podcasts about people getting ticket comps for their inconvience. We check in on 1/7 for the tail end of our trip, renting DVC points.

I believe it’s just the Kilimanjaro Club lounge (KCL) that’s being worked on. It should be fairly minor, unless you’re very near the lounge. It’s not anywhere close to the construction at WL, which involves earth-moving machines and more.

That said, if you’re affected by the refurb noise at KCL, by all means ask to move. You’ve paid for the room and have a right to enjoy it.

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The vast majority of the DVC rooms are at Kidani; unless you specifically requested Jambo House, you will probably be there - which is nowhere close to the KCL.

@len, I believe the club work is scheduled to be completed by sometime in February. I got the letter too and I have a standard view room in April. The letter says they will be “refreshing” there “offerings and atmosphere”. I have found some sites saying there will be a " soft goods" refreshment during this time.

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I think the work doesn’t start until 1/11/16 - is that what the letter says?

Ugh, we are there January 20-26th and haven’t received anything in the mail and specifically booked a club level room. Did they give any details as to how it will impact?

This shows the dates for the club refurb. On chat people reported that staff said the lounge would be moved during this time.

This reports the “soft goods”

Just remember - if it gets to a point where it is disruptive - just speak specifically to the Manger. If you did NOT get a letter - then you have every right to raise a stink if the standards that you are PAYING for are not met!! They are very much obligated to accomodate you especially when you pay premium!!