Animal Kingdom Lodge availability

I’m an early planner and have been researching a wdw trip for a while. My family and I are looking at going sometime late 2016 / early 2017. We’d like to stay at AKL. When I did a search on the Disney reservations site for a week in October, it said the only room available was the 2-bedroom suite. Am I doing something wrong? It showed me a lot of other hotels, but when I clicked on AKL it only showed the
One type of room. Could it be that it’s going to be under construction ? How could all of the rooms be booked so early in advance?

I assume you were on I just did a quick search for some dates in Oct 2016. The full list of room options came up for AKL.

Were you on a different site by any chance?

No. I was on Weird. I checked a few times today and got the same results. That’s so weird.

See if this link works:

I think their site may be a bit glitchy. I just went back and didn’t see it. I hit refresh, and there it was…

When in doubt, call the reservation line. They should have all the current info.

Thank you! I appreciate you looking. The club level and Arusha views were still unavailable, which seems weird this far ahead. But who knows!

could it be that they haven’t released the dates yet? We are looking at an early 2017 trip and my TA said its too early to be able to be book.

We’re staying there in February, and the CM I spoke with said the Arusha view room is no longer a separate category. It seems to have been merged with the savana view. I’m hoping someone can confirm this, since the room finder tool still shows them as 2 different room types.

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Yes I’ve noticed that and it made me nervous. Could they be renovating those rooms or something? Maybe they’re making all the savanna view rooms the same price as the Arusha? It’s weird that they still list it as a room type option, but they say they’re not separating them anymore.