Animal Kingdom later hours/ADRs

I am debating going ahead and moving my Sanaa ADR to later in the evening on my Animal Kingdom day in September with the assumption that the park will end up staying open later than the currently posted 5:00. I won’t be staying in the park for the late shows ROL, etc, but would like to just stay in the park to do other attractions until time to go to dinner and I don’t want to eat at 5:30 :slight_smile: Will the Sanaa ADRs book up if I wait too long to move it back? Right now I have 6:00 and there is a 6:45 available. Thoughts?

I would check to see when sundown is on that date. Sanaa has a great view of the animals but there needs to be light!

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Because of it’s perceived remote location at Kidani, Sanaa is just about always available. So, probably no worries about moving the ADR if you decide to closer to the date.

I looked that up and it says 7:10, so it would be approximately 30 minutes of animals.

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