Animal Kingdom in November

Headed to WDW in November. Anyone got a feel for if AK will have evening events? I have checked the operational calendar and show it closing at 5 the entire time of my stay, so that would pretty much let out any evening light show on the tree, etc. Everything I have read says they are starting to push evening in AK so you would think they would have at least one later evening in a weeks stay.

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They almost certainly will have evening hours, they just haven’t update the calendar yet. You’ll notice that there is a lot missing on the operations calendar for the month of November. No Fantasmic! listed at all for instance. They will update it eventually. I have dates in Nov as well and have not begun to worry yet. I am assuming there will be later hours, until 9 maybe during that time?

This is the Million Dollar Question and is really messing with peoples’ ability to plan… Stay tuned. It’s all you can do for now.


Yes the same here for October ASR’s booked however don’t know if I want them all as we could be at AK



Yes, the extended hours should be a permanent thing along with the PM activities.

In my rough plan I’m keeping 2 evenings available for RoL/JungleBook, one where I might be able to get a FP, and the other with a DP. Hopefully it will be on one of those evenings, and we’ll do Fantasmic the other night.