Animal Kingdom Hours

The hours for Animal Kingdom have been update for some of November. The first full week it is open until 8:30 and after that until 7:00. I am super excited…BUT Touring Plans hasn’t updated yet so I cannot change my plans :frowning:


Oh maybe this means December hours will be updated soon…waiting impatiently :blush:

Where did you find this?

On the Disney Website, park hours.

December hours have been extended to 7pm on some days. I haven’t checked all dates but around Christmas they were extended a couple of weeks ago. No news on any evening activities though yet. I’m hoping some days may be extended further; I hear park hours in general get extended even further the closer we get.

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That is true…we are 6 weeks away and they just increased the hours for the 1st week of November, I checked almost everyday and only noticed it yesterday. If the new show isn’t ready, it’s no big deal. I just love AK and want the extra time in the par and to see it at nigh. LOL

That is great news. We will be there in the first week on Nov. They have also updated the schedule for the Star Wars Fireworks. I selfishly didn’t check how long they go, but they are there when I need them to be,

There are strong rumors that ROL may finally be ready for an Oct/Nov opening, so I’m sure the AK hour updates are “in flux” between now and Jan waiting for a definitive opening.

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I have been quietly holding out hope that it would be open by the time we go. 10/29 - 11/7. Fingers crossed.

There are some really good indications that they will be doing some soft openings by the end of this month/early next month.

Based on what I’ve read, there are not likely to be “soft openings” open to the public. There may be some CM previews, and possibly an AP and/or DVC preview or two, but probably nothing for “general” guests until the “official” opening.