Animal Kingdom Hours in September

Hello Everyone,

I have a trip planned for the middle of September this year. Right now the Animal Kingdom hours says the park is closing at 5:00 pm. Is the evening events for the park a summer only thing? How likely is it that they will extend the evening hours in to the fall?

Really looking forward to seeing the new evening events, and seeing the park at night, I hope I don’t miss it by a few days.

I would predict those hours will change. HS fireworks are not posted during most of the summer. It seems as if the schedules are very delayed these days!


What PT said. It is virtually guaranteed that AK will have nighttime hours and events, and HS will be doing the new Star Wars fireworks, but they haven’t set times yet for whatever reason. You’re not alone, we’re all “patiently” waiting…


Thanks for the info! I will keep an eye out for the changes!