Animal Kingdom FPP priorities

I’m having a hard time deciding what FPP to prioritize @ AK for a trip catered to my 2yo niece.

Adults who want to ride FOP are going to go early for RD. So no FPP for that needed. We’ll do KS w/ a FPP in the morning. Will probably get NRR as well because we’ll want to ride it but certainly won’t want to wait.

What should I pull for the 3rd? Last time I went we had KRR and EE, but those aren’t really a factor this time. Would it be worth pulling for adventure pals? Is there a show that a FPP is particularly useful for?

We won’t need ROL because we are doing a dining package.

I would grab a FOP just in case the rope drop plan fails or in case you want to ride again (you will)

Stick with Safari

If you’re wanting to meet the characters that would be a great option

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